Revolution Motorhomes are quickly becoming the “Envy” of the RV industry

Revolution Motorhomes provides the best value for money, functionally superior, spacious high-quality motorhomes in Australia. We believe in creating the feel of travelling in your own low-maintenance open plan luxury apartment on wheels, that surpass all Australian Safety Standards.

In comparison to our competitors’ similar sized motorhomes – you quickly realise Revolution Motorhomes are years ahead of the industry.

Revolution Motorhomes have created extremely spacious, more practical motorhomes, which incorporate the many benefits that our patent pending RV innovations provide.

Structural Engineering

Just like a house the strength of the building is determined by its foundations which cannot be seen after the house is completed, because a building’s foundations must be approved by a council inspector. Before the building can be completed most people do not consider comparing their home builder’s footings specifications.

The structural strength and ultimate safety of a motorhome is determined by its foundations (e.g. Floor Frame strength, attachment to the vehicles chassis & rollover protection), but unfortunately because there are no clear motorhome strength or safety standards and no independent verification approval process throughout the building process,  the strength of the motorhomes floor frame, attachment to vehicle’s chassis or rollover strength.

With the lack of standards a prudent purchaser would be well advised to thoroughly research each manufacturers complete building processes.

Anyone that has seen how readily a caravan disintegrates in an accident understands that a motorhome should not be built like a caravan, but because of the lack of motorhome safety standards most manufacturers still chose to build their motorhomes using the identical processes, materials and lack of structural strength.

Our triangulated structural rollover frame, advanced construction materials & composites, construction methods and our patent-pending slide-out technology allows our Desire’s Slide-out range to be slimmer than competitors motorhomes, but when the slide-out is extended the Desire’s slide-out range has  an internal living width of over 3.1 metres. This is approx. 150 to 200 mm wider than any other comparable slide-out motorhome in the Australian market. Due to our engineering and design, our slide-outs do not require support legs or roof-top awnings. Whilst in travel mode, the motorhome’s centre of gravity is kept neutral due to our weight distribution and engineering design



 Want to use your air-conditioner when you are not on Mains Power and worried about the hours your batteries will last? Our Auto-Start generator has been customised to integrate with the CZone system to take care of your worries. Your generator is synced to Auto-Start when your power supply is low and will provide power to both your motorhome and charge your lithium batteries. 

  Automated Features – Revolution Motorhomes has designed a variety of automated features for those who love technology and aid those who physically can not do certain tasks, for example – lift an e-bike up onto the bike rack, or reach into the back of an overhead cupboard.

Our revolutionary designed automated features include –


  • Swivel Seats
  • Windows
  • Blinds
  • Skylight
  •  Drop-down Overhead Cupboards
  • Kitchen Benchtop extension
  • Elevating Bedhead
  • Slide-out Vanity Sink
  • Motorhome Entry Door
  • Exterior Storage Bins
  • Bike Racks
  • Wheelchair handbike rack
  • Slide-out BBQ
  • Travel mode – all automated windows, entry step, awning, Sat TV, skylight, storage bins, bike rack, fan hatches are closed or ready for travel. 
Indulgence 23 ext drivers side view
Indulgence 26 slide-out

Slide-out technology – benefits

Revolution’s new advanced patent-pending slide-out system is stronger and provides two major innovations. Firstly, a more serviceable and adjustable slide-out assembly that is very easily maintained, and secondly, a vastly superior aviation pressurised seal that inflates when the slide-out is fully retracted or extended and reduces the pressure while the slide-out is being operated, wiping any tree debris etc off the top & sides of the slide-out as its retracted.

Work flow left

Traditional slide-outs rely on an external flange around the outside perimeter of the slide-out to seal the slide-out against the body, unfortunately this flange traps the debris on top of the slide-out roof, repeatedly damaging the seals every time the slide-out is retracted. (Note, this type of damage is not covered by most manufacturer’s warranty) These slide-out systems are either a large drawer runner system, pivot arms system or even a system that incorporates the use of boat roller-like wheels.

Revolution’s pressurised seal resolves this major cause of water leaks.Incorporated into the design is both the EnerDrive Power system and CZone's Control Touch panel with tank monitoring system.

Work flow right

Safety, Strength and Durability Advantages

Structural support integrity throughout – superior high tensile alloy structural floor frame and triangulated roll over frame provides a much stronger structural support than others currently in the market. The Desire Series has an exceptionally stronger high tensile alloy internal and external frame work with custom extrusion full-length coving to protect the outer edges. This coving provides additional structural strength and superior water-proofing.

 Swivel TV Bracket pull tested to over 120kg – The TV safely stays in position whilst travelling.

 Installation of a 360 degree Birds Eye View Driving Camera system with G-sensor 3D HD Universal Surround Monitoring – Driving, Parking & parked. 360 Degree Bird’s Eye View Camera with Seamless Panorama System & Night Vision. 4 Cameras with G Sensor. Car Security Recording 4-CH DVR Recorder. Makes driving through the Inner Cities and narrow lanes with ease. This is a standard feature in our cab chassis built motorhomes.

Revolution’s automatic locking system for our Cabinets & Drawers gives an added safety feature that prevent the contents becoming missiles in an accident.

Gas Safety Hose – If the gas line ruptures in an accident the flow of gas is automatically be stopped at the gas bottle. In Desire’s SL ranges, the gas bottles are situated in the Slide-out with the gas stove & Hot Water Service which eliminates the need for flexible gas lines inside the motorhome.

Entry Door Grab Handle improves usability and helps prevent falls.

All our Cabinetwork is structurally bonded and screwed to the body, thus reducing noise and provides additional strength and durability to both the cabinets and body.

Full length piano hinges which are screwed along the entire length of our cabinet doors, 2 screws every 50mm insures maximum strength & durability while also preventing the doors dislodging in an accident and becoming missiles.
For example; while our 0.5m long overhead cupboard door is attached with 24 screws, manufacturers that use house hold type door hinges are only attached with 12 to 18 screws.

Revolution’s Patent-pending slide-out system – Resolves the durability, noise and water leakage problems normally associated with RV slide-outs.
We build our very strong high tensile AirCraft alloy slide-out structural support beams in as part of our motorhome’s floor frame. Contoured structural composite and pressurized seal system means no slide-out awning necessary. Designed for easy maintenance.

Interior linings are produced using the latest manufacturing technologies, resulting in a finish that is kind to people with allergies – that you simply wipe with a cloth to clean. Our interior linings do not absorb dust, moisture or odours, and are mould resistant.

Added Safety

A full 360 degrees Bird’s eye Surround View Monitoring System (SVM) is a standard safety feature with our Desire Series motorhomes. This added Safety feature can also be optioned on  all of our van conversions.

4 Full 3D HD ultra-wide fish-eye night vision cameras with G Sensor, which gives you four unique views that seamlessly merge to create a complete 3D image of your motorhome and its surroundings. Use the 360° view to assist with parking, check your blind spots, aids navigating heavy inner-city traffic & narrow roads. High definition 1080P HDMI video output, enabling you to watch from your 7” HD monitor. This system also comes with 4-CH DVR recording system.


Revolution Motorhomes has a 5 Year, Unlimited
Kilometre Build Warranty.