Our Desire Series truly stands out from the crowd in functionality and price.


Revolution’s aptly named Desire Series combines the best of all worlds, on road they are remarkably compact and easy to drive, yet in living mode are supremely spacious with unparalleled functionality with luxury standard features all at an amazingly affordable price that cannot be matched by any other Manufacturer. More importantly in “travelling mode” the Desire’s entire range maintains full access to the kitchen, lounge, wardrobe and rear bathroom.

On road, the Revolution’s Desire Series modern slim-line aerodynamic contoured body and awning does not protrude out past the body, and is narrower than other luxury car-licenced motorhomes. In combination with the standard 3D 360° “Birds Eye View Camera system” our Desire Series are infinitely easier to drive, much safer to negotiate tight country roads or heavy city traffic and make parking in confined areas like caravan parks a breeze.

The Desire Series are available in 20-30 feet long (6.1m-9.14m), with or without the full Driver’s side slide-out. Luxe Range 20 & 21 (6.1m-6.55m), Desire Range 22-26 (6.7m-7.92m) and our Indulgence Range 26-30 (7.92m-9.14m)

The Desire SL & Desire Indulgence Ranges’ much stronger, longer and wider full length driver’s side slide-out which includes our rear bathroom, transforms the interior living space to become an unparalleled 3 meters + wide with standard features like the largest kitchens, genuine queen sized beds, expansive wardrobe & storage space and the largest rear bathroom in the market that features a large separate shower cubicle, market-leading storage plus full length mirrors. Our Desire SL & Indulgence Range (26-30ft) truly stands out from the crowd in functionality and price.

Our new Luxe range has the same luxury feel as our Desire range, and is designed for those where parking heights and lengths are an important part of their Dream RV.

The Luxe range’s overall height is under 3m, and are available in two widths – 2200mm & 2350mm. The Luxe SL have a full length slide-out with an internal width of 3 meters.

The variety of sleeping arrangements include the 50 seconds Automated Lounge, full size Twin singles, genuine Island double or Queen bed and in the Indulgence range the option of a genuine island king size bed. Our 30ft range has sliding doors to separate the living/entertaining- kitchen area from the bedroom and the option of cinema chairs.

If you take the time to compare our Luxury Desire Series to our competitors’ similar sized motorhomes you quickly realise Revolution’s designs, technology, structural strength, quality, luxury, vehicle safety and value for money are truly unrivalled.

To ensure Revolution exceeds even the most decerning customer’s expectations, Revolution has optimised every part of its new ground-breaking Desire Series.

For example,  other manufacturers simply graft a square box to the back of driver’s cabin. This dangerously leaves the awning protruding out past the side of the vehicle by approx. 120mm the driver cannot see the awning in their mirrors. This leads to the awning commonly being damaged or completely smashed off the motorhome by being hit against corners of buildings or over hanging branches. Because our Desire range side walls are slightly tapered, our awnings do not protrude out past the side of the motorhome’s body.

Revolution’s slimmer slightly tapered body shape not only gives our motorhomes a much smoother more aerodynamic fully integrated appearance, triangulating the body shape significantly increases the strength and rigidity of the entire motorhome including our vitally important roll-over internal and external structural frames.
We work closely with our clients to ensure their custom-built motorhome exceed their expectations.

Revolution’s Desire Cab Chassis Series are available on either the Automatic 8-speed VW Crafter, Iveco Daily, Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Mercedes Sprinter 4×4.

A wider body option is available, that creates an unprecedented 3.2m interior width – as seen as standard in our fully wheelchair accessible motorhomes/mobile offices.

Our Desire Series’ Luxe 20-21.5ft range details available by request only.


                               DESIRE Series Wheelchair Accessible Motorhomes


When travelling to visit friends and family or to see our great country, not all have accommodation and bathroom facilities that are disability or wheelchair friendly. Revolution Motorhomes give you our Desire SL series wheelchair friendly car-licenced designs customised for your personal needs. Sleeping arrangements are either double/queen bed or twin singles and installation of an adjustable electric bed  or single bed on sliding platform to enable access to both sides of the bed if required.  Self-drive applications available for the independent traveller who wish to travel solo or with a carer.

Available in 3 different lengths –

24ft     Car Licence                                           26ft & 30ft       Light Rigid Truck Licence

Please contact us for more details – info@revolutionmotorhomes.com.au