“Full driver’s slide-out to give more interior living space”

This new revolutionary, easy-to-drive sized motorhome combines the latest technological breakthroughs in slide-out technology and interior design to create an amazingly spacious modern motorhome that delivers all the luxury features previously only available in much larger more expensive motorhomes. Our car-licenced Indulgence has a full-sized permanent island double bed, separate dining lounge area, impressive kitchen, air-conditioning, lots of storage and a retractable ensuite  with shower & toilet, these features make this van conversion motorhome ideal for long or short-term travel, available at an amazing price.

Slide-out – Re-designed

The feature most people notice about the Indulgence’s exterior is the full driver’s side slide-out, which contains the kitchen and a genuine island full-sized permanent double bed that extends out over 800mm.

Revolution’s patented slide-out system provides two major innovations. Firstly, a more serviceable and adjustable slide-out assembly that is very easily maintained, and secondly, a vastly superior aviation pressurised seal that inflates when the slide-out is fully retracted or extended and reduces the pressure while the slide-out is being operated, wiping any tree debris etc off the top & sides of the slide-out as its retracted.

Traditional slide-outs rely on an external flange around the outside perimeter of the slide-out to seal the slide-out against the body, unfortunately this flange traps the debris on top of the slide-out roof, repeatedly damaging the seals every time the slide-out is retracted.
Revolution’s inflatable seal resolves this major cause of water leaks..

Lounge and Dining area

Full driver’s side slide-out that extends over 800mm incorporates the kitchen and bed, creating additional living space, and a deeper kitchen bench.
For outdoor dining  we also provide  external tripod footings, so the dining tables can be used outdoors. 3m x 2.5m awning, 2 LED exterior lights and exterior storage – perfect for bbq or generator.
The Full HD TV which is permanently mounted on a high tensile alloy swivel bracket on top of the wardrobe, allows the TV to be viewed from the lounge, dining and kitchen areas or while relaxing in bed. 
The front lounge/dining area also features LED reading light for each chair and insulated privacy screens for the front and side windows.